As you know, domain name bidding when using pay per click or pay per view traffic can be extremely profitable (especially with PPV)! But the problem is, building these lists is an extremely tedious and mind numbing task.

Search, Copy, Paste, Repeat…on and on. Then, you still have to go through and clean up the lists…such as removing duplicates, http://, etc. to get the URLs into the proper format you prefer or the format that is accepted by your traffic source.

But, that’s only one part of the process…don’t forget about domain name expansion…using services such as Quantcast or Alexa to find related domains or domains the target audience visits.

Again…Search, Copy, Paste, Repeat…over and over again.

Well, personally I hate this research process. It’s repetitive, boring and just no fun whatsoever!

So, why not semi-automate the process to complete this sleep inducing task as rapidly as possible? You can, with URL Keywordz!

This Easy to Use Application...Allows You to Build Huge, Targeted Domain Name Keyword Lists in Seconds!
  Quickly Grab the Top 10, 20...all the way to 1,000 Organic Results from
    Google, Yahoo and Bing!
    Grab URLs from all the Pay Per Click Ads in Google and Yahoo.
    Supports over 30 Countries...the US, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada,
    China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland,
    Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway,
    Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain,
    Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and the UK!
    Add and Save Lists of Excluded URLs to Narrow Down your Search
    Results and Save Time!
    Curious how much traffic a specific domain is getting? With the click of
    a button, Easily see the Estimated Unqiue Visitors according to to Gauge the Traffic to any domain.
    Multiple Export Options to Fit Your Needs and Make using the
    Data...a Breeze!

Complete URLs:
Root Domain Only:
Root Domain without www:
Or a Combination of All 3 Into One Text File.


    Quickly and Easily Edit & Narrow Down Your URL Lists...You can
    Remove Duplicates with 1 click, Remove Pages...or Only Export Pages to
    Zero in on Relevant Content to Your Offers.
    Explode the Size of Your URL Simply Checking any or all of
    the Returned Results and Gather Related URLs from Quantcast...again,

with 1 Click!

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Let’s Run Some Numbers…
If you’re running 3 PPV campaigns per week, primarily focusing on domain name bidding…let’s say the domain research process for each campaign takes you 15 minutes, which could be very much on the low side, depending on the number of keywords or domains you start your campaigns with.

That’s 45 Minutes Per Week…3 Hours a Month and 36 Hours a Year! A Full Day and a Half Per Year, just building the keyword lists for your campaigns! Crazy, isn’t it!

Now, with URL Keywordz…you can build those same lists in about 3 minutes!
That’s 9 Minutes Per Week, 36 Minutes Per Month and 7.2 Hours Per Year!
You just saved 28.8 Hours a Year…you just got back or saved over an entire day. What’s your time worth? $20 an Hour, $50 an Hour, $150 an Hour…
I think you see the point.

URL Keywordz is backed by a 60 Day Hassle-Free 100% Money Back Guarantee!
If URL Keywordz doesn't save you time or for any reason at all...all you have to do
is let me know and I’ll give you a full refund.

We have some Killer Features planned for URL Keywordz…such as new sources of targeted domains, adding support for even more countries; several more export features and more.

You will get All Updates for Free as they are released.

As with all my applications...they are used by Myself and my staff! One thing that I encourage all users to do, is to request new features! You probably don’t hear that often…but, I want to continue to improve the application as we move into the future.

Have an idea…send it over. Think something could be made even easier…send it over. All feature requests are reviewed by myself, personally. Then, I look through the requests for the most popular features, then put together a survey and send it out to all the users of the application. You, the users get to vote and decide what features should be added!




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